At PIETRA you can-

Rent a wedding gown and make all the alterations for the perfect fit.

These gowns exist in design but have never been work and are all one of a kind.

(Changes to sleeves and cuts may apply depending on the gown)


Rent a previously worn gown and renew it to fit to your body

These were all made to fit someone so it is still one of a kind and the very best quality.

(Great option if you're on a budget and you find something you love)

Design your dream dress the way you always imagined it

or just the way you decided now because you are so fashion forward

(We will build your dress on your body and select your fabric and silhouette, a really great experience if you're looking for something unique, one of a kind and personalised, also if your fit is tricky) 

NEW! Giving back to the community- we now carry gemach dresses.

A collection of dresses for just the cost of the cleaning. -Limited selection but we only carry good quality dresses even in our gemach - very modern styles.



Our collections are named by moods.

We have Elegant, Confidant, Strong, Classic, Romantic, Elegant, Spicy, Lovely, Vintage and Fun.

What mood are you setting for your special day?

We also have a top - bottom system... This collection is so fun because you can mix and match tops and bottoms for an effortless adaptable (even changeable) look.

A top with a body suit built inside to ensure it stays in place, paired with a bottom skirt.

Our dresses are all hand made with love and care.

Only using the best quality fabric and it is all hand picked for every piece.

We build in custom body suits and lining for the dresses to fit and compliment your body perfectly. Once you've tried it on, you'll be amazed.

If you are not sure what style you want or what sits right for your body shape - Not a problem -

We can fit and find the best style for your body and the statement you are looking to make on your special wedding day. Consult with us, talk to us and come see what we have.

We care so much about our brides and promise great service, quality and customer care.

We also offer at home appointments for a small fee (depending on distance) starting at ₪200

When purchasing a dress this fee will be returned to you completely SO IT'S FREE!

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